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Here's how you can get your offers exposed to the masses, and get the results you need with our highly popular contact solo ads!

All over the internet outrageous claims are made. Hundreds of ads bodly declare "Send your ads to 100 million!" or "Send your ads to 2500 safelists." Don't be mislead or fooled by them. If you've tried these services before the lousy results they produce should tell you these services rarely work.

DSA Solo Ads has been serving the internet community since 1997. It is still one of the most reliable services on the internet with thousands of repeat customers.

FACT: Solo Advertising works provided you can reach people at the contact address or inbox, you use a reputable mailing service or ezine, and that you keep your message constantly in front of the public as often as you can.

We'll personally send your ads like a laser targeted missile to people who actually read the emails that arrive at their contact email address.

Your offer will reach online marketers, opportunity seekers, network marketers, newbies, potential affiliates or downline members and home business owners, and best of all, my partner Jane, manually sends your ads to our targeted databases to ensure prompt, speedy delivery. She's the best in the business.

We'll even show you how to create a powerful headline and message. The help you need is right there on the ad submission form.

Our rates are extremely competitive too.  

Recent studies show that repetition works. People feel more comfortable buying from someone who is always in the public eye. The reason for this is simple. People rarely buy anything unless they need it. You can put an offer out there and they may pass on it the first 3 times they see the offer, but one day circumstances change and they see your ad the fourth or fifth time you send it and all of a sudden they buy it. The need arose.

With our new repeat mailing service you can put your marketing on auto-pilot each week. We'll do all the work for you.

Get your offers noticed today.
Reach REAL people at their VERIFIED contact addresses.

"Thanks! I already received a $3,000 commission as a result of placing the ad with you guys. Awesome stuff."

Nick Bramble

Hi Jane and Phil,

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Disclaimer: The purpose of advertising is to get on the customers shopping list. We help you expose your offers to a wide audience. It is not our task to generate signups or sales for you with this service. That is the task of your website. Our job ends when we deliver your email to the prospects contact email address. Some people have reported good results when using this service. You may do better or not as well. We cannot guarantee results. We are simply a delivery agent that helps you get your offer on the customers shopping list.

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